Wednesday, February 18, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Starring Shaun Cassidy as Pietro and Linda Purl as Wanda!

Last Ish...

Love both covers - the Wolverine about to give a very close shave and the black and white one with peeps in various states.

A city at peace... what mansion is that with the double Hs? Doesn't look like the old Avengers Mansion... Hmmmm...

Interesting, so it's like it never was, but it was in their heads, but it wasn't in their heads? Poor Peter. He loves MJ, but she's no Gwen Stacy - THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE AND THERE WILL NEVER BE ANYONE HE LOVES AS MUCH.

Ah, some do remember and some don't. Poor Peter. Man. He's like the perpetually-suffering sad sack of Marvel. He needs to read "The Secret".

Poor Doc! He does not look well. Needs a hug - stat!

Po lil' ex-Xers. They's all a muddle without their powers. Welcome to my world, former muties! You ain't so bad NOW!

Great page-panel of Logan remembering! But I bet he still can't find his keys.

Where the hoodahey is Charles? For a while I thought he was actually Layla.

I gotta say, it's a very clever reboot - no more, well only a few, mutants.

Gosh, it's good to see Cap again. I actually missed him. It was smart to remove him, not just 'cause it was moving to see him old, but because his soothing influence would have been too "settling" and this needed to be unsettling...and it was.

Even in the Marvel Universe we can't escape the FRAKKING EVANGELICALS!

Wow, Doc is in a bad way. I must bundle him!

Oh no. Is he gonna go walk the earth now? Again?

Gosh, that exchange between Peter and Doc was just brutal.

It's Hawkeye isn't it? It's him. Right? He's the one at the mansion cause he's all kaboodled in his head and didn't know where else to go. It's him, right?

I know it's him.

Hee! LOVE the little smile on Cap's face.

Oh yeah, Eric. Disenchancelled. Ouch.

The fork makes a little W for Wanda! Not so magnetic anymore, eh? That's gotta suck. And, his getting his powers back will be a fun story line too.

Tell us what you think, Crazy Hank Pym!

Meanwhile, Wanda markets.

Oooo, energy and actions and reactions...coolsies...story is over but not hardly...actual ramifications to come...Wanda will probably be picking out ripe fruit at the Transian street market through all of it.

The End.

That was terrif. Really enjoyed muchly. Fun reset of the uni, with lots of fun storylines laid out there. So many new wounds to gape open and fester. So much like my life.

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