Tuesday, February 17, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Before we begin, just read House Of M Spidey #4. Great. Loved, loved, loved Ben and the Stacys on their mission. Loved the complete absence of Mary Jane.

Thwip! Very stealthy, that noise. No one would EVER hear him coming.

Okay, on to ish 7...opensies...

Beautiful cover with Wanda cradling her lover, I mean brother, I mean lover, I mean brother, I mean both, ew, I mean just brother, Pietro.

Bigass fightsies. Too bad that little mutant girl couldn't zap everyone there before she went off with Cloak to find Chuck.

Uh-oh, Wanda pieces.

Angry Quicksilver likes his sister WAY too much.

Hee. Love the cutout/inset of Doc's reaction. He thinks Quicksilver likes his sister way too much, too. There should be a spell for that.

Such polite greetings. Wanda, you look well. Thank you for rending the very fabric of spacetime. Got any lady fingers?

Ooo, crazy Wanda eyes. Doc is the perfect person for this task. He's so calm, gracious and in control and he loves me. And, he asks the question that's been plaguing me. How long has she been "playing with the world"? Probably longer than Stephen has been playing with mine.

That puzzle piece device is fabu. Rubik's Reality.

Doc sees all. I wonder if he sees anything from Yummy Cupcakes in my future.

That Pietro/Eric scene is one my all-time faves. Sooooo beautifully done. And now, more.. poor Wanda, poor Pietro....and fwiw, I love the subtle change in the Doc panels as he watches these scenes from the past...is eyes change. He is probably thinking about me.

Great stuff... it wasn't Magento.. very, very nice.

I actually gasped at the Wanda with an arrow in her just as she was going to tell Doc what he needed to know. Hawkeye? Did you do that?

Oh shit. Mageneto.

Clint! Damn it. Fuckin' freelancers.

Love hurts.


Damn those Wanda kids are scary. Worse than Kimora Lee Simmons'.

There goes Hawkeye again. I understand his anger, but damn man....t-t-timing.

For God's sake Doc, get control of this situation! And my heart!

Uh-oh, Daddy's angry.

Wow. I've never seen or even really thought about a truly cheesed-off Magneto before. He's always been so calm and in control. I'm scared.

Did he kill him????

No... maybe, she Wanda-ized him back.

Talk about daddy issues. Wow.

Uh-oh is right.

No more mutants. Wow. Cool.

I wonder what Doc is doing in that panel. The mutants above are being disenchancelled, but he's not a mutant, and he's workin' his magic mojo somethin' fierce....

And back to white we go.

Wow, that was great! What a jam-packed issue. Jinkies. No more mutants. Can't wait to see how that plays out! I know they must remutantate at some point, but what a fun, cool idea.

I know this wasn't a funny blog entry, cause I was taking it so seriously. I'm a geek. I'll be snarkier next time. :-)

- Spineless, wishy-washy, yellow-belly Bruce Banner

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