Sunday, February 15, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Opensies. readsies....

They's walkin' on her brains. Boy, no pressure. Subtle Emma is not.

Wow, did Scott barf? Is it solar-powered?

Coolsies... going to get Peter. It's so great to see that others know how cool and important he is! To sales!

What a GREAT two-paneler! Oh, Gwendy! MJ sucks. Just reminding myself.

Wow, 3 different images of her death...important? Just a little! MJ who? Redhead, freckles? What-EV...

Poor Peter.... quipping and gripping, his two biggest strengths.

Yay, Doc! But, trim that fu-manchu stat!

You go, little Layla! Clap on! No use? Cap? Even at 100 I want him on my team.

Again with them all together... I get all goosepimpley. Gotta say, I love seeing all the in plain clothes - suits. Sexy.

Boy, are these cats spoilin' for a fight or what? Mess with my mind wills ya!?!

So, Charles, eh? Hmmmmm...My money is on Wanda with an assist from Magneto, but him being missing and his powers, it does make sense....

Poor Hawkeye.. so very messed up. Is it because he had never had own series? Or is it that he doesn't have his own series because he's so very messed up? Hawkeye left, maybe now he goes and has his Pulse 10 adventure and his Where's Wanda...

Is Layla part of Wanda? Or a part of all os us? Or just a street urchin who's a part of no one? I know, I know, shuddup and read!

Hmmm.. Magneto, still hot.... brooding...and visiting Chuck's marker... hmmm.... tbc.

Cliff Notes: Things are still weird but now all the heroes know it and they're cheesed.

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