Monday, February 16, 2009


Stomachs in!

[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Reading because the world has gone mad...

Have to admit, Emma's powers of persuasion are pretty spanky. Controlling so many minds at once, implanting thoughts, it's like she's an evangelical preacher...

Hmmm.. Doom is not in the crazy-bin...this is where I wonder if I read out of order, or if this will be explained or I just have to go with it 'cause not all of it makes sense anyway... I'll take Door Number Three, Monty.

Love the little exchange re: their wimmins between Luke and Spidey. They are doodle-bugs even though Luke is all street and Electric Boogaloo.

That's a tough one, Scott. No moral restraint. Yes, everything is on the line, but winning at all cost? Quite the ethical pickle!

And, for all the moral conundruming, Doc is conspicously silent. Where art thou, Stephen?

The parade of dignitaries at Magnus' shindig is kinda creepy... they got sumptin' planned... I hope.

The Magnuses are a nice looking family, I'll give them that. They're like the Windsors only with jawlines....but the double-mint twins, Little Lord Fauntleroy boys - kreepee

Ok, that giant Sentinel thingy flying at them and Magnus is all, oh, no you di-int and the stopping with his magnety hand.. and people are like holy shit and and it's like really big and cool and stuff.

Giant 2 pager - I loves those...

Fight! Fight! Fight! Can't we all just get along?

Oooo, Cloak going all poof and leaving a puddle of his cloaky self....neato. I want to fix him up with my acupuncturist. Just think she'd adore him.

No Charles = bad. No Charles bones = good.

The end? Poop.

That was way too fast. Read it in half-a-cupcake-eating. Damnitalltoheck.

Only about 15,000 issues left!

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