Friday, February 13, 2009


Hello dere! In 1974 Hank went briefly from being Goliath to being Marty Allen, standup performer and thespian, seen here as Dr. Lorenzo Musica in the C.I.A.-MK/Ultra-produced kids’ show “Monster Squad”, which starred Fred “Love Boat"/Congressman/Illuminati Grandy as a youngish man who is friends with monsters who form a squad. This time Hank was on the other side of the spousal-abuse coin, and was beaten senseless by the real Marty Allen’s then-wife, Karen Allen of “Indiana Jones” fame. Hank’s bitterness at being back-handed by the wife of the comedian whose identity he adopted eventually led him to hit his own wife, Janet, really, really hard years later in a 1980-ish issue of The Avengers. But he didn’t hit Jan because he himself had been abused in 1969 as Marty Allen, he hit her because she was totally asking for it with all her opinions and needs.

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