Thursday, February 12, 2009


a piece of Entenmann's Marshmallow-Iced Devil's Food Cake. But he SHOULD have been, because Entenmann's Marshmallow-Iced Devil's Food Cake is the greatest thing to happen to our One World since baby Jesus and Shirley Temple combined. Once, years ago, I only knew bliss as a concept, devoid of life's impulse. Then one day I was Back East and wanted cake. There are lots of Entenmann's products in New Jersey. It's like McDonald's or hydrogen there. So I got the cake that looked the most fun and when I got home and ate it my Third-Eye Chakra was activated and life has been almost unbearably bright since that day. A flood of knowledge knocked me over, And I KNEW and FELT that the name of the cake was a lie, because there was nothing of the Devil in it. It was rather the very fiery trumpets of the highest Angelic Hierarchy. They do not sell it in Los Angeles. I called the Entenmann's/GW bakeries corporate office and they regretted to inform me that out West Entenmann's Marshmallow-Iced Devil's Food Cake distribution stops in Texas. I feel sorry for them, because I really want more of this cake.

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