Wednesday, February 11, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

"I'm The Prince Of Polarity and I approve this neo-realistic rendering."

Okay begin...

Is that old man, Cap? Wow. No Infinity Formula by LancĂ´me to keep him youngified. He looks like a young george Jessel or an old Norm Crosby.

The city's dirty with muties.

She done pulled a switcharoo. It's "White Man's Burden" with humans & mutants. Which was also a hideous movie with John Travolta from the 90s. The nineties were strange. Flashing on severe male haircuts and too much flannel.

Emma Frost's cleavage hasn't changed. Still a starring role. Do they have psi-powers or do men just automatically obey their commands?

So much for Sue and Reed. Stretch THIS.

Talk shows..and Gambit being cocky...don't really get the whole I-throw-cards-at-people mutant power, but he wouldn't last 3 minutes at Pochanaga Casino.

Namor - the first mutant - that's he also the first asshole? What a 'tude. mom has a kind of fixation with him. - HEE.

Sam the cop and Luke the gangsta. Kingpin still the Kingpin. Still loves carbs.

Doc's a shrinker. Hee. Sentry still has a-Void-ance issues.

Love the Colossus bit. Wonder what the pitch was for him back in the day. "Tungsten Communist"? Probably.

Crazy old Hank The Pymster (Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, Goliath, Tesla Coil, Paper Cup, Salad Fork, etc. - the man has more secret IDs than miles of intestine) is on to something. Save the Sapiens! I wonder if Planet of the Apes in this world is Planet of the Sapiens....get your filthy hands off me, you damned dirty...................person.

It bunches in front when I summon the elements. - Hee... and more boobs, maybe the most revealing decolletage yet... and obsequious Jan - yuck!

James? Wonder why she's calling Logan/Wolverine that. But, regardless, I'm with you, Logan! SHIELD no mas? Now it's House of Magnus with creepy faux Iron Men? Cool.

Wow, this is going to be some ride. Lots to ingest. They must have had a freakin' blast writing all of this. It's WHAT IF? on mush-roofies.

I can't wait to read the Spider-Man miniseries-ish and find out if I was right about what I think I saw (Gwensies and her Magical 1971 headband). I think I am, but with Wanda large and in charge, who knows? And, I get the feeling reality will keep shifting until I just can't stand it and want Bobby to step out of the shower at South Fork. I'm old and there are wolves after me and I need my pills :-p

Cliff Notes: Things are weird.

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