Sunday, February 8, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Part One...

This variant cover, the one with Wanda coming apart in jigsaw pieces by Quesada, is a fabulous piece of art. Personal note: buy Alleve.

Don't know what the "real" non-variant cover looks like but I have a feeling it has boobies on it. Willing to be wrong.

Okay readsies...

She's birthin' babies. Beloved Stephen - you look great! Artist agrees with you. And lookee it's... *sniff*... Vizh. I thought he was all disassembled and dischancelled. Oh wait he is. This is a dream. Like "LOST". Tell me they have any idea as to where that show is going. They got nuthin'. Stop watching.

Oh boy... nothing like telling a mother who (in her head) has just given birth that she has no babies and to "put it back". Hold me, I'm skeered. Crazy screaming white-eyed baby. Oh, I'm gonna have nachtmares. Maybe Stephen will enter the dream realm and buy me a scone.

Poor Wanda. Man, so brutal. Remind me never to lose my mind.

Wow, Erik's looking mighty hot in his deshabille. Did you know that manly naked feet are sexy. Same with forearms. Go figure, but it's true.

Genosha's a bit of a fixer-upper, isn't it?

The Falcon's put on a little weight.

Stark fly-ups.

Hank McCoy is a jealous little girl. - Hee.

Wowsie. I love the groups shots. Never fails to send shivers of awe through me to see them all together like that. Hank and Janet? Is that Sentry in the background. hmmmm... it's all higgledy-piggledy already.

I love you Doctor Strange! (He didn't do anything, i just had to say it again.)

Poor Pietro. He really does love (to a freaky extent even) his sister, but then all they've had to rely on is each other. Such a sad scene between him and Magneto. :-( Ga-reat art - the expressions...oh man, this is fabu.

Oh, Cap, always looking on the bright side. And my man, Doc, isn't ready to give up either. I LOVE THESE MEN!

Off to see wanda... and when Chuck says "Oh, no."... you KNOW it's not good. Peeps disappearing....

Doc is so calm.

Love the little bit of Spidey's head peering around the corner.

Blonde hair in bed with him! Oh.My.God. It's Gwen, isn't it? He's got a chitlin and it's with Gwen. Oh.My.God.

Cliff Notes: All the Marvel heroes get together in a penthouse to say, hey, let's kill Wanda because her PMS is altering reality, and Cap says no way she's family and not even beloved Stephen and Professor X know what the hell to do. So they all take a super-Concorde over to Genosha (smoky-rubbly-corpsey island of dead mutants) and are about to do something, even though they don't know yet what that is, and then there's a big white screen-wipe and Peter McSpider-Man wakes up next to the dead-love-of-his-life and forty-ish male readers nationwide touch themselves as one. Can't wait for ish 2.

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