Thursday, February 12, 2009


I know absolutely nothing about Jack Kirby or the incredibly famous/infamous Fourth World Saga he did for DC Comics in the early 70s, but all of my highest-level Defcon-6 geek friends worship him as I worship Stephen. I totally intend to read the Saga someday soon but Sweet Jesus On A Popsicle Stick look at that cover. That's Don Rickles, with a cape, apparently being a superhero called "Goody Rickles". The comic book is "Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen", which is its own can of worms right there and who the hell knew Jimmy Olsen had a comic once? This comic was published in 1971 and is only the BEGINNING of the Fourth World Saga. I know Jack Kirby smoked cigars and now I know what was in them.

Look at that caricature-y punim! I love Rickles. I saw him live in 1988 in Las Vegas. He did his comedy album from 1966, verbatim, onstage. He was incredible and even today he is funnier than anyone else out there, no matter what the kids say with their Genius Bars and Kashi GoLean.

I tra-zoooly, madly, deeply, have absolutely no fucking clue as to what could possibly be going on inside this comic. My brain hurts but now I have to read it much sooner than later. I wonder if Bob Newhart is the sidekick?

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