Saturday, February 14, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Okay reading...when last we left things were all What-If?fy...

Hawkeye with the shooting the and the arrows and the not being dead.

Genosha.. sounds like planned community in Florida - gracious seaside living for the 55+ active mutant. Either that or a pasta...I'll have the Genosha Fazool and side salad.

Ok, little Magnus grandchild is freaky...yes, it's good, Anthony, what you did is good.... don't wish me into the cornfield...but Eric's dark look... not of the good.

Hee, Clint, shoot first and ask questions if they aren't dead...

Cloak is seriously handy to have around. With him I could get into Le Dome.

And, I love how Logan is such a tough so-and-so, but with serious inner doodle. He's the one who took care of the kid. He likes kids and not in an icky way.

What's an Avenger? - Ouch.... so sad...

Lorna Doone is Magneto's child? Or is it Lorna Luft? Does have magnety powers or merely the power to entertain at supperclubs?

The human one?, that's interesting!

So, who's the girl who knows? Hmmm... Iron Fist - yay.. Moon Knight - Pfft....can't get into a guy who wears the same color scheme as Mr. Stay Puft.

What they always wanted....I'll have to noodle on that. I guess mutant-wise speaking they've got it going pretty well, but...

Ok... they went to Emma Frosts and she remembers, but I have no idea how or what the kid means or what she saw.....I'm so confoozled.

Cliff Notes: I am lost and need to be held.

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