Friday, February 27, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

VIZH! He's alive or sequenced or whatever he would be. He's there. He's noshing. I'm excited and confused. He was burping up Ultrons and ripped in two last I saw. I miss him and his synthezoid self. That Avengers cover with him from the late sixties makes my heart beat faster.

Ok, Young Avengers. Who are these chitlins?

We'll call your parents and have you arrested. - That's like an engraved invitation to sneak off and follow. Not that I would do that. I would totally do that.

Hee... Peter doesn't have license.

Dang, it blew the armor right off his beautifully proportioned and very attractive bod! Although, did it blow off his manparts or is he pulling a Crying Game here? He looks very Ken doll. I miss my GI Joe doll. I loved to rub his fuzzy head.

Is he disenchancelling her? That looked painful.

The hell was that now?

Hee! And they even goofily put in "The Sentry" in the trademarked font. Thank you Mad Men!

Where's Thor? He's just "gone". Maybe he's having lunch at the Ivy with Kenneth Branagh.

Two monsters fighting. A love story for men.

And Wolverine is the centering/calming one... cool. He's old and has seen much of life.

She said underpants. Underpants always makes me giggle. Underwear doesn't, but underpants...

Oooo, that's cool that Cap has the armor codes. Smart.

So, is he the manifestation of some of the lost mutant powers?

Hee... good old quippy spidey.

Yay, Vision! Scan those files. I bet he runs a Mac OS.

Ooooo..... it's mutarific.

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