Thursday, February 26, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

In every universe, Detroit is a bunghole. That's sad.

Hee. Love the kids!

What is Spidey wearing? That is Spidey, isn't it?

Did my mom call you guys? - HEE!


Awesome, Cap waves to the old lady.

Poor Detroit. They have less self-esteem than Canada.

Now, that's scared straight!

Hee, Cap is playin' with Luke!

Impact Super-Heroing.. Freaking awesome! Real, street-level, real people do goodery. No more sitting in the mansion/towers waiting for the biggy, they're actually helping the little peeps. Too f'ing awesome!

Thank you, Detroit! Good night!

Ya know, those white go-go boots the SHIELDIES wear make them look a little like Laker Girls. Away uniforms.

Hi, you've reached Reed, Susan, Johnny and Ben. We're not in this dimension, but if you'll leave your name and number after the beep....

Uh-oh. Cleveland. It's going for the Rock and Hall of Fame, cause let's face it.. what else is there in Cleveland? May Bob Hope forgive me.

Oh my god, it's Dr. Manhattan! Or his brother, Doctor Martha's Vineyard.

The X-Men stopped answering the phone. They're eating Chunky Monkey and watching Nicktoons in the Danger Room. Thanks, for the help, Muties!

Cap gets what Cap wants. And Cap wants... me!

Oh, Daisy... watch your back, traitor, I mean, loyalist, I mean... what do I mean?

Oh, Bob. I guess now they can save him to be Deus Ex Sentrius. Or not.

Oh, Iron Spidey... cool idea, but me likey old vulnerable Spideroo. It's a nice idea that they want him to use his science skillz.

Wake up you all-powerful schizo. We need your massive instability!

Thank heaven they draw Tony as nekkid in that suit. It makes me tingle.

Hmmm... reference to Korvac saga which I know of, but haven't read... Adds to list.

Stupid, dumbass Carol. Go back to your stinky blog! I'm a superhero with no discernible insights, blahblahimgoingtoscrewthisupforeveryonecakes.

Wow, all the way to Toledo. I wonder if the Mud Hens are playing?

Oy. What a fine mess she's gotten us into.

S'all for now!

- The Latvarian Moussaka and Marching Society

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