Wednesday, February 25, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Something bad is happening in the Northwest Territories... energy from a million mutants - the real cause of Global Warning. Maybe Al Gore's a mutant.

Ok, I suck at geography, but that first fiery, swirly thing is not coming from Alaska, it's Canada. Frickin' Canucks... Are there two thingies?

North Pole Alaska - where's my oil dividend check, white man!

Sabu has landed in Alaska?

Damn these hands, damn these fiery hands!

Is this Dick Cheney's origin?

Ah, it's good to be back in the non-dream time and where Tony is hot and SHIELD is not-to-be-trusted-or-are-they.

Eileen Harshaw.... new to me...

Burn. I know you said I'll like Hill, but she's got to eeeaaarrn it.

Ok, she earned a bit right there for kicking that dillweed off the ship.

Ok, so there are two points.

Alpha Flight - all I know is that one of them is gay. I'm guessing it's the maple leaf dude.

Wow, they were done in pretty fast! I wonder who that fireman from space is! Goodbye, second string super hero team from a second string nation! How does it feel Canada???? Thanks for the cameo!

Call the Avengers. Get over yourself, admit you need them and call. Sheesh...military. You tell her Pres!

It's Captain America. he'll take this down. He always wins. Somehow. - Right on!

It's headed for America! Somewhere that matters. Now it's time to act! Protect Wal-Mart at all cost!

She doesn't get to say Avengers Assemble. Pffft!

What kinda crap is this... a shortie so they could pawn off Kickin' it to Hell? Maybe the Canadians fall for that stuff....

Ok, all for now...

Will I find out why that man is on fire? Will it be better than Man on Fire, which wasn't bad, but I still like the original with Scott Glenn (weird though it is) better? Will Tony get some sleep? Will Cap save the day? Will Spider-Man say "oy"? Will Spider-Woman suffer from lower back pain? Will Sentry go all Britney? Will Luke lose his shirt? Will Wolverine remember some part of his past that he didn't remember when he remembered everything else? Will Hawkeye join the fray? Will Canada admit their bacon is just ham?

Stay tuned!

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