Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The modern-day return of The Gorton's Fisherman to commercials, to lead us through the choppy but fish-engorged seas of the Nor'East on a Moby Dickish quest to capture and kill and eat as much fish as possible because fish is awesome, especially all breaded and battered, YI-umsies, me like-a the fried fishes.

In the new ad his brave crew is preparing fried fish sticks and shrimp in the galley kitchen while Gorton's Fisherman steers and smiles and thinks about how after a long-ass day of killing fish, there's that great reward of eating a shitload of them. Especially all breaded and battered and lemoned. Lemon is key. A little white wine, and you're pretty much set with the ladies. She'll be singing you a shanty, is all I'm saying.

And yes, he IS long and hard and full of semen.

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