Thursday, March 5, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Okay, again with the same beat. I know, I know, they have to do that for those who join our program already in progress, but sheesh. We get it. He's all Death, you is my woman now and she's all De-nied. And he's all Mars Blackmon Please baby, pleasebaby, please baby, baby baby please!And she's all got her own groove and don't need his sorry ass. We get it.

I think Nick Fury is using that "Just for Men" hair crap or something. He's got that orange hair thing my TV news anchor does. Why doesn't someone tell him he looks like a bad Paas easter egg?

I love how Marvel manages to raise the stakes even when the Universe itself is in peril from the get-go. Genius.

A never ending ice age? That would blow. I get cranky with June Gloom. I don't even like to think about Seattle much less...*shiver* Canada. A never-ending ice age? If I'm trapped with John Leguizamo forever, I'm gonna kill myself.

Doc's place is a mess. What the hell does that servant bull thing do anyway?

I, too, sense the tremendous powers gather for a final confrontation. To strike out prematurely could prove disastrous... and cut into sales. This is a six issue mini, people, we've got to have filler first!

And away they go...

First clue that's not Thor, he calls Adam "Mr. Coppertone".

The Black Widow. She's here to help. No really, and break your heart. And maybe give you an STD.

Wow, they killed that lady dead.

Go Doc! Make that clarion call. Use Skype!

I don't like Bitchy Hulk. I want my Savage Hulk! *pitches a very unbecoming fit*

Doom is such a pain.

We pause a moment to give Moon Knight a completely pointless solo.

A Cosmic Gathering. I had one of those in college. Don't tell my mom.

Coolsies! Uatu, always ready to interfere, bless him! Eternity, who I think is one of the absolutely ginchiest designs evah! The Living Tribunal - wow, this takes me back. Ok, it takes me back a few months, but still! Neato Bandito!

If what Thanos is doing isn't a cosmic crime, then what is?

So the Watcher says he's just there to observe, but five'll get ya ten...

Good thing the Surfer has a long board. He'd look like a doofus on a Fish.

Ok, remind me to kick the Watcher's ass if I'm planning a sneak attack.

Aww, Hulk and Wolvy all cute and palsy.

Oh man, what a goofy panel with Terraxia. It's like she's walking out of stage for the Sonny and Cher show!

A breathing freely in the vacuum of space spell - another handy one!

Places everyone!

Sacrificial lambs. God, I would kill for one of Phillippe's french dips right now.

Well, the battle is almost joined but since we're just a the midpoint, something's got to put the kibosh on the dance. Hmmm...

S'all for now!

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