Monday, March 2, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Eric has wonderful penmanship.

He's just sexy. That's all there is to it. Even all disheveled.

Oh my god, he's birthing...

Oh boy... a renewed Magneto is not going to be a good thing.

I think this fire person, Michael, has a fire-person man-crush on Magneto, either that or it's Wanda again. I mean, this gushing "perfect mind", "it has to be you", or is it some aspect of himself? He loves himself enough to believe that stuff. Or am I over-thinking and it's just that he's that popular with muties and the collective love for him is Jim Jonesish?

Xorn. Didn't see that one coming? Who the f is Xorn? Sounds like Zod's little brother.

Thanks for the new metal suit, by the way.- Hee.

Love how Cap isn't willing to go with the scorched earth policy.

On no. Nothing like a newly dead army rising up to seek genocidal vengeance. Good times.

What are these things? They all look like Joan Rivers.

Seriously, what's up with them? They all have clawsy hands.

Ok, see, I see it on the page and I don't buy it. Hill would nuke the Avengers in a second without a blinking an eye if she thought it would stop the threat. I just don't buy her here. I know, I know, I'm wrong, but I'm not!

Interesting, Magneto pleading to be killed?

Ouch, did she blow his head off.

I'm Bob, come fly me.

Yeah, where's Magneto? You know, previously the most powerful mutant on the planet who repeatedly tried to destroy all of you. I don't mean to interrupt your important conversations, but shouldn't someone look for him?

No, first, we have to check on the completely harmless mutant, Michael.

Is Alpha Flight really dead? Who will toss down the ceremonial puck at the next Ottawa Senators game?

Ok, there's Eric, but they're so nonchalant about it. An unconscious Magneto is still a dangerous Magneto. Why are they so blasé about it?

And there ya go. They deserved that. Go Eric, be free to magnetize and terrorize, it's your birthright! I bet he's hell with an Etcha A Sketch.

I know, I know, I know... I'm supposed to think Hill was all cool not doing what the Pres wanted and letting Tony listen in and not killing the Avengers, but I just... well, you know how I feel. I accept it in my head, but in my heart, shs's a stone-cold not to be trusted, be-atch.

A little foreshadowing with the Superhuman Registration Act and Cap and Tony in different mini-panels on Hill's screens. It's almost like they planned it!

Civil War is going to be fun and exciting and horribly painful, isn't it? Can't wait!

- Grace, my mutant avatar who has the power to elicit compassion

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