Monday, March 16, 2009


I know you're looking at my rack. That's cool. I get that a lot. Don't pretend. I embrace all that you are.

Loved the "Wonder Woman" animated feature. Rent it, it rocks. Now - back to my rack. Look at those glowing orbs of promise! Totally, one-hundred-percent real boobage, by the way. No fakey surgery. This is ALL me. I'm not called "Average Pear-Shaped Woman". They're hypnotic, aren't they?

Everyone should have a pair of these, even men. Trust me, war would be a thing of the ancient past. Everybody would just be smiling like an idiot, 24-7. I know I do, when I don't have to look all serious for pictures. I'm telling you, the second a photo session is done, I am smiling and giggling like a chimp. 'Cause I gots THESE.

Everyone loves'em. Young and old. All kinds and creeds. My incredible, magical, eeeeyoogah-tastic breasteses truly unite man's world. And woman's, too! I get hit on by a LOT of chicks. It's pretty awesome.

Stare as long as you want. I won't budge, promise.

- WW

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