Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hi! Remember Colorforms? Neither do I!

Yet they existed. A long time ago, before the wheel, BluRay and hydrogen, Colorforms were plastic, highly-toxic and highly-fun little flat figures of popular comic-book and TV characters. This is the Vulture, of Spider-Man fame. He is orange. In the comics he is green. I never said Colorforms were accurate. And orange dye is a lot cheaper.

What you'd do is, you'd stick the Colorforms onto a colorful street scene or some such provided background. You'd create a scenario where the Vulture was flying over Spidey, or robbing a bank, or having sex with Spidey and the Generic Cop Colorform. The possibilities were endless, but really not, because there are only so many sexual positions or classic battles you can create with Colorforms before you realize that it's much more fun to watch "The San Pedro Beach Bums" on TV or eat a lot of Pixie Sticks and try to punch your big brother in the throat.

Still, Colorforms were more fun than Gnip Gnop and Operation. And because they are made of space-age polymer, Colorforms will survive into Earth's coming Golden Age, when we are ruled by benevolent wizards who live under soybean plantations.


  1. I had that exact Spider-Man colorforms set.

    I STILL have one of the SPider-Man figures and Doctor Octopus.


  2. I have the box around here somewhere and will post. It will flood you with memories....