Monday, March 16, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Ok, back into the fray proper. I read, tried, to read most of the off-shoots, but many just confoozled me and trying to figure out the proper reading order is nigh on impossible.

So, when last we left, Peter had revealed is true, and cute self.

God, Reed Richards is an ass. It needs to be said. Hasn't checked on Johnny, doesn't call his wife. Pfft. Ya see? T'Challa is wise.

Finally, Doc's place! Aw, crap. He's gone. To his Artic Lodge... Artic Lodge? The hell? I guess maybe if it's all Shangri-La in the Himmies, but if we're talkin' actual Arctic, we need to talk. And fasting? Hay-ell with the no. I might cut down on carbs for a week, but fasting? Stephen, honey, we need to talk.

I wish I were above it all, like him. But, I'm not. I'm petty and vindictive and would want to man the barricades and sing songs from Les Miz.

Truthfully, I'm so bummed that he's sitting this one out. I guess it makes sense from a how do we handle someone with so much power standpoint and kinda from a "it's spiritually repulsive" standpoint, but I also have trouble accepting that he's not trying to stop it, that he's not trying to be a peacemaker. The Doc in my head would have tried diplomacy to create some sort of tentative peace while they figure out who's behind all this and what's really going on here. I mean, that's one of his bestest skills - getting people who otherwise wouldn't to work well together. This is the man who got Namor and the Hulk to play nice (mostly). He's the Dag Hammarskjöld of the Marvel Universe. Dag Hammarskjöld, ladies and gentlemen!

Well, poop. It could be so cool, but noooooo... He's just "gone". Crud.

Tony's still a dog.

This is the first time I've seen Emma with an almost actual shirt on, well, something that covers her breastseses anyway.

Again with the continuity... in Iron Man, Happy just... man.

Who the heck is M in Eye?

You know, the Les Miz thing.. Tony really has gone all Javert. It's creepy.

Hee... Cap is Paul Blart, Mall Cop. DD looks so youthful. And Herc! Did you know that when I was a little kid we had a handy man named Hercules who was this huge Greek stud who, I later found out, was also a porn star. True story.

Aww...Make-A-Wish kid? Could Cap be more of the fantastic? Seriously, could he? No. He could not.

Poor Johnny. He looks like crap.

Damn that Stark!

Let SHIELD do it, that way I know they'll get away.

Cap you sneaky devil!

Who is the glowworm guy?

Oh my... the buck teeth on Cap in the "You shouldn't have taken down two of my boys, Tony." panel is priceless. Steve Rogers is... the Nutty Professor. Yah-hoi.

I can't believe Spider-Man just rabbit punched Cap and quipped while doing it! I feel barfy.

Holy Crapcicles. Tony's beatin' the bejesus out of Cap. And there's a flying tooth. I'm sorry I asked about it earlier.

Go Herc!

Ok, who or what is codename "Lightning"? They keep name dropping so you know it's important.

Odin's Beard!

Well, that answers that. Oh, that's bad news for the resistance, folks.

I'm afraid to read ish 4, but I will because I love.

S'all for nowsies.

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