Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Miriam Birchwood will be signing copies of her new book, Reaping the Whirlwind: The André Gerard Story this Saturday at the Fox Hills Mall Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

"It's the story of a promise never fulfilled," said Birchwood. "A wind that just... pooped out."

Although not very well-known in America, The Cyclone (Gerard's nom-de-crime) was a brief, but shining star in France. But, even the French have their limits. "After the 'Fan Fiasco' of '75, he was never the same. Those were dark, windless days."

Birchwood, best known for her work as the gossip columnist for the New York newspaper The Daily Bugle, found herself "irresistibly blown" to tell the story of Gerard, a former NATO engineer who turned to a gusty, if shortlived, life of crime. "It's so tragic," laments Birchwood. "A pathos only the French and Aaron Spelling can truly understand."

Look for Birchwood's next "super bio" this fall - Xemnu: The Child Inside.

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