Sunday, March 22, 2009


Heeee lookey. This is what is left of the Spider-Man colorforms set I had as a kid. You will note that there are THREE, counts'em, three, pairs of yellow slacks for the Generic Robber. Yes they were called slacks back then. And shirts were called torso-mittens.

I love the backdrop. It looks like any street corner in any big city, after four tabs of acid. That's Spidey slapped on there from the exact position I left him in back in '74. The Girl is unidentified but I like to think she is Gwen. I have mentally pasted a headband and go-go boots on her.

The box is cool, huh? That particular Spidey image was slapped on everything from Tricky Trapezes to condoms back then.

I wish I had all the colorforms for this set, and I also wish I had encased it in concrete, because I would get like seventy-seven thousand dollars for it on Ebay from someone who calls himself sexywebslinger217.


  1. YES!
    That's the one!

    I had that.
    Loved the stupidity of it.

    Thanks for the happy memory.

  2. You're most welcome. I wonder how much an actual good, full set of these Colorforms would go for on Ebay. And I also wonder why anyone would still have these at all.

  3. I checked and there's an unused complete set for $75! Item # 370170446391. And one from 1983 with Spidey, Cap & Hulk - 160273197781. I didn't even know they were still making Colorforms in the 80s.

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