Monday, March 23, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Punisher is doing bad things. Hey, did his movie even come out in the theaters? Me love Ray Stevenson long time. Oh, Titus... Rome, damn that show was violent, but I miss it.

Okay, opensies...

Sue does not look well. I hope Johnny's given Reed the finger too.

Stupid SHIELD. Seriously, they make me crazazy. So disrespectful. You catch these clowns yet? We're talking half the FF here! Clowns? Oh, I'd like to give that Tom Skerritt circa Top Gun wannabe a kick in the brass.

Nighthawk, I'm still cranked at you for what you said in the alley a few issues ago. We never forget! Who the heck is Stature? Stature? Seriously?

Tony's late. Maybe he fell and hit his head and came to his frakkin' senses.

Oh, no senses coming to.

You tell him Petey!

Btw, if I were one of the heroes who was gonna be carted off to the negative zone, I'd register. I'd get all my friends to register. I'd convince all of the heroes who were in the NZ to register. I'd do everything Tony wanted and then I'd form an army and kick Tony Stark's ass.

Ooo, Tony has the Marvel Crazy Eyes.

I am sooooooooooooo relieved Peter saw the light and is gettin' out, or at least tryin' to.

I'm beginning to think SHIELD is messing things up on purpose. I mean no one is that Barney Fifey all the time.

I still CANNOT believe they are going to use these baddies to hunt down supers.

Spidey better take off that new suit. I'm sure it's bugged, tracked and god knows what else.

I wish some of these Spidey Sewer fight panels were bigger. I needs my bombast.

Wow, a Gwendy reference. I wonder what's up with that. *sniff* Stupid MJ.

Pumpkin pie!

Was that a sword or some kind of ray thingy?

Yikes. Skull face guy is Donatella Versace scary.

Mr. & Mrs. Landau. Couldn't find brother and sister identies? Come on. It is creepy. Now, if it were Pietro and Wanda... I miss crazy Wanda and her shifty brother. God, I love how naive and wonderful the Avengers were when they joined. Pietro put on his best ski sweater and wrote them a letter. A letter! And Thor wasn't a clone, and Cap was slightly crazy wtih his Zemo/Bucky obsession, Hawkeye shot off arrows and his big mouth, but you could count on him, Hank was only a little crazy, Jan wasn't used to being abused, and Tony was a hero. Dang, I miss those Avengers. I know they were goofy, but they were earnest and they loved each other and I loved them. They would never pull this crap on each other. Sometimes making characters three dimensional sucks.

Poor Cap. He's still in tatters... Love and hope and sex and dreams...Are still surviving on the street...Look at me, Im in tatters!

Hulking. I will never get used to that.

Titus Pullo saved Spidey, who also looks not so of the good. Man, this Civil War stuff is brutal.

What a strange panel with Cap screaming for the medic chicks.

Linda? Is that the Night Nurse? I'm gonna have to reread The Oath. God, I loved that. Was one of my first Doctor Strange stories. I'd read a few early Defenders and Michael recommended the Oath... ten kinds of fabulous. *sigh* I think I'll bring Doc a scone this time and surprise him.

Ultra Girl? Oy. It's official, they've run out of names.

Oh, Tigra is texting or tweeting or doing something blackberry bad. Ah, she's calling Tony.

...Big final battle planned with all those lunatic thunderbolts. - Yeah, that's gonna go off without a hitch. Come on, Reed. Rub those braincells together. Write an algorithm to calculate how incredibly stupid that plan really is.

I've got to believe DD was caught on purpose and is going in to break out the supes! Maybe the guards are part of Cap's team. They've got to make a move soon!

Oh, burn. Good one, DD!

Tony's Initiative scares me even more than all this build up. It sounds so organized. *shiver*

That's it for this ish!

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