Monday, March 9, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Thanos and his Celestial Codpiece of Arrogance are really something.

The Hulk looks like a giant Limecicle. I love those. In fact, I'm going to have one right now!

Doc is looking spiffy.

Hee. Perhaps, this all-seeing Goddess will not see or sense my magics if I do it behind my back!

Yay! A cosmic do-over!

Hulk's back looking for love in the all the wrong places. Eros is sent home where I hope someone kicks his sorry ass. Cloak and Dagger shag in an alley. Doom broods and plots. Namor wonders why he doesn't get a percentage of Paramount's Vulcan merchandising. NotThor is wearing a mask? Iron Man answers the phone! Hello, Avengers HQ... No, I'm sure.. there's a BIG A on the outside. Quasar, at least I think that's who that is, does nothing interesting. AlbinoVision wonders why the colorists hate him. Regular humans are stupid and puny and so we don't care what they're doing. Cap is giggley with excitement. Stupid ol MJ's back. Poop.

Come on. She wouldn't wish that part back the way it was. She could pick and choose. And if she wished it completely back, and she must have cause she's all Leona Helmsley again, then why is the gauntlet still on her hand? Hmm...?

Ok, phew. She caught it just in time.

What the heck is Warlock waiting for? Sheesh.

Oh, great. Now Norrin gets one right in the chest. Thanks a lot, Adam!

I understand why they have to use this ploy, but it's really illogical that Doc's hands have to be free to perform his magic. I mean, it's MAGIC!

The Cosmic Beings do not look happy.

Wot happan?

F'in Warlock and his "plan".

A mind meld. Whats's next, Pon farr?

Nebula has the power to pastel.

Oh, I hate when we're all building to a climax and then... meanwhile... argh.

Gamora? The green husk from ish 1? She goes to Doc's with Iron Man from where? What the hell? And Pip and Ferdinand are there just kickin' it.

Why in the name of Mike Rowe didn't Warlock do this earlier?

You go, Doc. You summon!

Ok, and these reserves are plucked out reality, with no knowledge of what happened and.. ok, ok.. I know.. moving on...

It's a scrum!

Hee. Love the hair pulling.

In a burst of rainbow delight, Warlock arrives. Is he gonna go all power mad now too?

Love the Destroyer's expression! Hee.

"And my person..." What an odd choice of phrasing.

Nicely done, NotThor.

"Go forth and tell the masses that Adam Warlock is a god who can be trusted." Hilarious!

You tell him, Doc!

With great power comes a huge electric bill.

Somebody needs to yank that glove off him pronto.

"Sixty days into the future on an unnamed planet.. my own title will begin."

Thanos is Shoeless Joe! Aww, it's not him. Ah, but he lives!

Thanos is a farmer? And he's content being a farmer? Seriously? That's the end?



  1. Tossed a little "Infinity Gauntlet" fun in my latest blog post because it reminded me of your recent posts.

  2. Oh! And I forgot to add it to the post yesterday, but it's there now...
    a link to this issue of your Infinity Gauntlet review.