Thursday, March 12, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

Cap Goes Underground, soon to be a sticker by Shephard Fairey.

Okay, the vulture I recognize, but who's the other bloke? Bloke? I'm suddenly British. Pish-toss and bugger the Queen! Must be all those scones Stephen's been bringing me from the Astral Plane Bakery.

Oh, I guess it's the Grim Reaper. He's not so scary! Is he gonna come for me now? I'm so young.

Boo! on Agent Hill and her L Word hairdo.

I'm glad Cap's not alone. No one should be alone. Except maybe Kate Hudson. You can't find yourself in a man, honey.

Save people from a few doombots and the past is forgotten. All they need to do is stage a few more events like this and rehab that image.

Holy sweet Jesus, She-Hulk's booty should have its own library card.

I don't really know anything about Tigra. Can she change or does she always look like that. Finding outfits must be hell.

Ohmygodthatisthecutestthing - The Thing all doodley with the Richards' chitlins.

Wouldn't it fun to mess with Reed and sneak in and erase just a tiny bit of his whiteboard every day. Man, he's a smarty-pants, but he's making Pym look like a the stable one.

Speak of the Devil... and 42, a little Hitchhiker's Guide shout-out? Do the kids say shout-out anymore or is there some new slang, like ping. Did you totally see that ping on The Secret Life of the American Teenager? That was totally a ping. Do the kids say totally anymore? God, I'm old. Bring me a scone, Stephen.

Susan, Susan, Susan.. I know you love him, but what sort of life is this? Take the kids and skedaddle. He won't even notice.

What will you do, JJ, when your dreams come true?

I love the way some artists really capture Spider-Man's spaztastic grace. He's so fluid, and yet, all cattywampus too.

Oh Tony, listen to that little voice of doubt.

Here's the Patriot kid again.. they're grooming him like Josh Hartnett. Let's hope this time works out better.

Well, he gets points for distance. That was one helluva jump.

Hey! They're rounding them up and putting power repressers on them just like on Heroes. You don't mean Heroes is r-r-ripping off Marvel mega-events in a vain chase to regain ratings glory? Uhhhhh....

More exposition by red shirt who doesn't sense the GOD next to him.. ok, he's not technically a god like Thor, who I still wonder about, but he's a God to me. *sigh*

So 42 is a super-cage building, just like on Heroes where.. ok, I know....

Heehee.. this is your exit, buddy!

For the record, I tried that "iwantobesomewhereelse" spell at a screening of Nights in Rodanthe. Didn't work.

I wanna live in SHIELD Safe House 23!

Oh, Thing... you don't have to be on Reed's side. It surprise me that he's not spoken against the "witchhunt"... no offense, Wanda.

Wow, Peter. You did it. Your heart's in the right place, but... oh, boy.

Teehee! Jonah fainted.

Great googley-moogley. The sides is drawn, and the battle's begun. It's so sad, but good readins!

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