Monday, March 9, 2009


OOOOOOO with the adaptation of the seminal work in the comic books from the 1986 with the reverence and the deconstruction of the genre and the real-life ramifications of the fighting of the evil with the costumes and the sexuality and the hitting of the dogs on the heads with the axe and the parallels to global unrest and the in-depth characterizations of previously two-dimensional characters has been made into a mooooooving picture and it looks lovely and pretty and has the hurting of the people and the solid casting but the many nice persons who didn't read the novel with the graphics will be with the scratching of the heads and the confusion but it does have the GIRLIEEEEES!!! to keep the boys in the happy warm place and the giant squid is nowhere to be found but that's okay and Bubastis looks like leftover footage from the Sci-Fi Channel's "Sabretooth" and ooo the ending is a little different but that's okay because the kids need the hope and oooooo, eee-OOOGAH, it's over now. HYMEN!!!

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