Tuesday, February 3, 2009


[A stream of consciousness live-blog]

I'm Spider-lady and these are my boobs without color. Use your imagination. Uuuuuuse it!

Okay I'm typing as I'm reading. Wowsees. Pretty colors...

Is Kat Farrell someone I should know? Is that the other Jessica (the not double agent one) that's preggie with Luke's baby?

Love that JJ is reaming someone in the foreground. Who is the scary evil iron Man doppleganger on the telly?

What's or who's Liberty Meadows?

I don't like the way Frank Cho draws Cap, but I like his Fury (the bastard!). :-p

All this double-double agents stuff...I dunno. Too much flip-flopping for me to ever get emotionally invested in a character that does that..it's too, dare i say (dare! dare!) Black Widow. But seriously, ugh, with the whole thing. i know men don't care because if she's good, she's mutha fuckin' hot and if she's bad, she's still mutha fuckin' hot.


Cue strategically-placed dialogue bubble and medical tray. Why is the entire cast of Grey's anatomy in the operating room?

It's come back to bite me on the Dugan. - hee.

Who is Nick looking in on at the hospital?

I'm SOOOOOO glad everyone was listening.

Jesus, it's just his head calling.

You tell it like it is, Luke! He is a BAD-ASS MU$!@%$&.

Lies, lies and more lies.

Cliff Notes: So Spider-Woman confesses to Captain mother-fucking America (North America, the good one) that she's a once-powerful-then-powerless-now-even-more-powerful superheroine, former evil spy, now good spy, who has been lying to the team since she joined. Can The New Avengers, not the geriatric ones, trust their only female teammate? Fuck, no, apparently. Then they all got a virtual-bluetooth from Nick Fury because their crazy-ass headquarters looks vaguely French on top so it's time to sit down with 60 Minutes. Fun, and lots of boobage and handsome male faces. Steve Rogers/Captain America is foxy. Would enjoy discussing a stimulus package with him.

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